Strip 4 Poker

Taking a Look at How to Play Strip Poker with Your Friends

Poker is one of the oldest and most popular card games on the planet. Over the years there have been many variations of poker that have been developed. These variations allow players to stay entertained while playing the game they love. However, not all versions of poker are played at casinos. Some of them are created for fun and not for competitive matches. For example, strip poker is a popular variant that is played by couples and friend groups. It is best played as a drinking game as it can get a little awkward and some people might get a little uncomfortable. That being said, it can be a lot of fun if you are in the right group. Here we will teach you how to play strip poker.

How to Play Strip Poker

Strip poker can be played with the fundamentals of Texas Hold'em, but that is not ideal. Regular games of poker can take hours to play out, and that is not what you want with strip poker. Strip poker is meant to be a fast-paced and fun game that takes an hour at the most. The whole point is to get people to take off their clothes and if people are not doing that, you might as well play a regular game of poker. As a result, there need to be a few rule changes.

Firstly, you need to set everyone up with the same amount of chips and ideally, everyone will have the same amount of clothing. You should then assign an item of clothing to each chip.

Once you have the game set up, you can deal two cards to everyone that they can look at immediately. However, unlike regular poker, you will also deal two bonus cards to each player. The bonus cards should be kept face down in front of each player. Once this is done you can deal the flop. If you were not aware, you flop refers to three communal cards that you deal face up. At this point, players have a chance to make an exchange. Players can choose to exchange one or both of their cards with the face down bonus cards sitting in front of them. This is the only point in the hand where players can make an exchange, and since there is no betting in this version of the game, it is the only decision players need to make in a hand.

Once the exchanges have been made you can deal the turn and the river, the final two communal cards. Players can then reveal their hands, and the player with the worst hand must remove an article of clothing and they lose that chip. In this version of the game, there is no betting, so chips act as lives in the game for players. The game continues until there is only one person with chips, and clothes left.

How Many People Can Play Strip Poker?

Now that you know how to play strip poker, you are probably wondering how many people you can play with. You obviously need at least two players, but the game is best played in a group. Games are most fun when you have around six players. Having more than that makes the game take too long and slows everything down. If it takes 30 minutes for someone to remove more than their socks, then you might have too many players.

Who Should You Play Strip Poker With?

Knowing how to play strip poker is not enough for a game like this one. Instead, you will need to know who to play with. Who you play with is entirely up to you, but most people probably will not want to play with their families. This is not exactly a family-friendly game, and it would be incredibly awkward to play with your parents. Instead, you should look to play with a group that you are comfortable with. So, play it with your significant other and a group of your close friends. It will not be fun if you are uncomfortable, so only play with people you are close with. That being said, if you want to play with a group of strangers, that is totally up to you.

Now that you know the basics of strip poker and everything it has to offer; you are ready to start a game of your own. Keep in mind that there are no definitive rules to strip poker. You can make up rules of your own and play it however you want. It is a game that is meant to be fun and freeing, you should not be restricted by the version of the game we discussed here. So, make up your rules if you want and gather your best friends for a game of strip poker. As long as you are with a group you are comfortable with, you will have a lot of fun.