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Revere Advanced Point Count

The Revere Advanced Point count is another complex point count blackjack strategy and casino strategies. This strategy is even more complex than the revere 14 count strategy. Revere presented us with a number of blackjack strategies that he learned from his experience on both sides of the blackjack table. These experiences inspired him to write a book on several blackjack techniques and among those techniques, the well known are the Revere 5 count, the Revere 10 count, the Revere Point Count, and the Revere plus minus Count. In this book, he also included an advanced level count strategy named the Revere Advanced Point Count.

The Revere Advanced Point Count system is known as the most powerful of all the blackjack systems in the world of online casino. Revere started to sell this strategy of his after getting banned from all the casinos of Nevada. According to his statements, this strategy of his cost him 25000 dollars in the development phase as it had to be tested for accuracy. In this counting strategy, two cards were given similar counts such as the 4 and 6 were counted as +3, and 7 and 2 are counted as +2. +4 were given to 5 whereas the King, Queen, Jack and 10 were counted as -3. 9 were counted as -1 and so was the Ace.

With the Revere Advanced Point Count, a flat bet could easily be won. A player can increase his or her advantage with the Revere Advanced Point Count by betting 2 units while moving up. Revere's blackjack system strategies were sold by himself. The Revere Advanced Point Count Strategy is one of the effective strategies when playing the game because it can identify situations in a better way than other count strategies. However, this strategy is comparatively harder than other ones. The Revere Advanced Point Count betting strategy of blackjack game holds a special place in blackjack players' hearts as it holds historical significance in it.